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Join the adventure to learn about and conserve marine-coastal ecosystems

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The marine conservation education program is designed for national and international students to learn the basics of marine-coastal conservation and restoration in the Dominican Republic and thus understand and support FUNDEMAR's conservation efforts.


The marine conservation education program was written in response to requests from international companies interested in offering service and support to FUNDEMAR in exchange for the education and training of its students, usually at a high school level.


We host a large number of groups of international middle and high school students who volunteer their time to learn and contribute to our marine conservation projects. They learn about the problems with captivity of marine mammals, the importance and challenges facing coral reefs, coral reef restoration efforts, the importance of herbivorous fish, the impact of solid waste on the coastal ecosystems, the impact of invasive species such as lionfish, etc.


They also have hands-on experience with field data collection and analysis as well as in construction of restoration materials. During this time, they watch documentaries and videos with guided discussions to complement our presentations, fostering change by sharing and applying what they have learned.


Institutions may request Group Volunteer Programs whose conditions will be established in each specific case, both in terms of content, time, number of participants, costs, etc.


Institutions interested in this modality must request it in writing to FUNDEMAR, detailing the following information:


  • Name of the Institution

  • Requested date for the Program (start and end of the Program)

  • Number of participants with their respective ages

  • Topics of interest related exclusively to the work carried out by FUNDEMAR 

  • If they will require accommodation in Bayahibe and if they require support in this management

  • If they will require food and / or drinks for the students

  • Requirements for other additional services (maritime transport, local guides, etc.)

All set!

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