In addition to the work of marine resource conservation, we contribute to the scientific knowledge of coastal-marine ecosystems through studies and publications and their communication to the general public.


Assisted Coral Reproduction in the Dominican Republic: A Successful Story to Replicate in the Caribbean

Autores: Rita Sellares-Blasco, María Villalpando, Sergio D. Guendulain-García & Aldo Croquer 

Revista: Frontiers in Marine Science

Año: 2021

Approach to the Functional Importance of Acropora cervicornis in Outplanting Sites in the Dominican Republic

Autores: Johanna Calle-Triviño, Aaron I. Muñiz-Castillo, Camilo Cortés-Useche, Megan Morikawa,  Rita Sellares Blasco, Jesús Ernesto Arias-González

Revista: Frontiers in Marine Science

Año: 2021

Assessing and genotyping threatened
staghorn coral Acropora cervicornis
nurseries during restoration in southeast Dominican Republic

Authors: Johanna Calle-Triviño, Renata Rivera-Madrid, Maria Geovana León-Pech, Camilo
Cortés-Useche, Rita Inés Sellares-Blacso, Margarita de Lourdes Aguilar-Espinosa & Jesús Ernesto Arias González

Journal: Peer J

Year: 2020

Coral reef restoration efforts in Latin
American countries and territories

Authors: Elisa Bayraktarov, Anastazia T. Banaszak, Phanor Montoya Maya, Joanie Kleypas, Jesús E. Arias-González, Macarena Blanco, Johanna Calle-Triviño, Nufar Charuvi, Camilo Corte´s-Useche, Victor Galván, Miguel A. García Salgado , Mariana Gnecco, Sergio D. Guendulain-García, Edwin A. Hernández Delgado, José A. Marín Moraga, María Fernanda Maya, Sandra Mendoza Quiroz, Samantha Mercado Cervantes, Megan Morikawa, Gabriela Nava, Valeria Pizarro, Rita I. Sellares-Blasco , Samuel E. Suleimán Ramos, Tatiana Villalobos Cubero, María F. Villalpando, Sarah Frías-Torres
Journal: Plos One

Year: 2020

Assisted Fertilization of Threatened Staghorn Coral to Complement the Restoration of Nurseries in Southeastern Dominican Republic
Authors: Johanna Calle-Triviño, Camilo Cortés-Useche, Rita Sellares, Jesús Ernesto Arias González.

Journal: Regional Studies in Marine Science Journal
Year: 2018

An updated checklist of the Reef fishes of the Southeastern Reefs Marine Sanctuary of the Dominican Republic
Authors: Camilo Cortés-Useche, Johanna Calle Triviño, Rita Sellares Blasco, Alido Luis Báez, Jesús Ernesto Arias González.

Journal: Mexican Journal of Biodiversity
Year: 2018

First Record of The Fireworm Hermodice Carunculata Preying on Colonies of The Threatened Staghorn Coral Acropora cervicornis in The Southeastern Outplanting Sites of The Dominican Republic
Authors: Johanna Calle-Triviño, Camilo Cortés-Useche, Rita Sellares & amp; Jesus Ernesto Arias González
Journal: Novitataes Caribaea (National Museum of Natural History "Prof. Eugenio de Jesús Marcano")
Year: 2017

Human Perceptions Regarding Endangered Species Conservation: A Case Study of Saona Island, Dominican Republic
Authors: Thomas H. White Jr., Arely Jhonson Camacho, Toby Bloom, Patricia Lancho Diéguez, Rita Sellares
Journal: Latin American Journal of Conservation
Year 2011

Tourist Attitudes Towards Marine Mammal Tourism: An Example from the Dominican Republic
Authors: Megan Draheim, Idelisa Bonnelly, Toby Bloom, Naomi Rose, ECM Parsons
Journal: Tourism in Marine Environments
Year 2010

Dolphin ecology and behavior in the southeastern waters of the Dominican Republic: preliminary observations
Authors: AR Whaley, ECM Parsons, R. Sellares, I. Bonnelly de Calventti

Journal: In Paper SC58 / SM12 presented to the Scientific Committee at the 58th Meeting of the International Whaling Commission, St Kitts
Year: 2006