In addition to the work of marine resource conservation, we contribute to the scientific knowledge of coastal-marine ecosystems through studies and publications and their communication to the general public.

Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease and other diseases affect adults and recruits of major reef builders at different spatial scales in the Dominican Republic

Authors:  Aldo Croquer, Someira Zambrano, Samuel King, et al.  

Journal: Gulf and Caribbean Research

Year: 2022

Marine conservation actions through the integration of the local community

Authors: Rita   Sellares-Blasco, Maria Villalpando, Andreina Valdez, Rachel Plekaniec

Journal: AULA Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2022

Assisted Coral Reproduction in the Dominican Republic: A Successful Story to Replicate in the Caribbean

Authors: Rita   Sellares-Blasco, Maria F. Villalpando, Sergio D. Guendulain-García & Aldo Croquer 

Magazine: Frontiers in Marine Science

Year: 2021

Approach to the Functional Importance of Acropora cervicornis in Outplanting Sites in the Dominican Republic

Authors:  Johanna Calle-Triviño, Aaron I. Muñiz-Castillo,  Camilo Cortés-Useche, Megan Morikawa, Rita Sellares Blasco, Jesús Ernesto_cc781905-5c -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Arias-González

Magazine: Frontiers in Marine Science

Year: 2021

Assessing and genotyping threatened
staghorn coral Acropora cervicornis
nurseries during restoration in southeast Dominican Republic

Authors: Johanna Calle-Triviño, Renata Rivera-Madrid, Maria Geovana León-Pech, Camilo
Cortés-Useche, Rita Inés Sellares-Blacso, Margarita de Lourdes Aguilar-Espinosa & Jesús Ernesto Arias González

Journal: Peer J

Year: 2020

Coral reef restoration efforts in Latin
American countries and territories

Authors: Elisa Bayraktarov, Anastazia T. Banaszak, Phanor Montoya Maya, et al. 
Magazine: Plos One

Year: 2020

Assisted Fertilization of Threatened Staghorn Coral to Complement the Restoration of Nurseries in Southeastern Dominican Republic  
Authors: Johanna Calle-Triviño, Camilo Cortés-Useche, Rita Sellares, Jesús Ernesto Arias González.

Journal: Regional Studies in Marine Science Journal 
Year: 2018

An updated checklist of the Reef fishes of the Southeastern Reefs Marine Sanctuary of the Dominican Republic 
Authors: Camilo Cortés-Useche, Johanna Calle Triviño, Rita Sellares Blasco, Alido Luis Báez, Jesús Ernesto Arias González.

Journal: Mexican Journal of Biodiversity 
Year: 2018

Human Perceptions Regarding Endangered Species Conservation: A Case Study of Saona Island, Dominican Republic
Authors: Thomas H. White Jr., Arely Jhonson Camacho, Toby Bloom, Patricia Lancho Diéguez, Rita Sellares
Journal: Latin American Journal of Conservation
Year 2011

Tourist Attitudes Towards Marine Mammal Tourism: An Example from the Dominican Republic
Authors: Megan Draheim, Idelisa Bonnelly, Toby Bloom, Naomi Rose, ECM Parsons
Magazine: Tourism in Marine Environments
Year 2010

Dolphin ecology and behavior in the southeastern waters of the Dominican Republic: preliminary observations​
Authors: AR Whaley, ECM Parsons, R. Sellares, I. Bonnelly de Calventti

Journal: In Paper SC58/SM12 presented to the Scientific Committee at the 58th Meeting of the International Whaling Commission, St Kitts
Year: 2006